Martial Arts, Paragliding and Colonial Architecture

I was somewhat apprehensive in the week prior to the launch of the Telephone Campaign. Lured by the prospect of good pay, free accommodation and the chance to crack on with some work, I decided to sign up earlier on in the term. Yet despite the clusters of voicemail messages from time to time, my [...]

Goodbye PhD in Aerodynamics, hello Magdalene Telephone Campaign!

The first thing that normally comes to mind when the telephone campaign is mentioned is, 'so you're calling people to ask for money?'.  And that is in part true, however fundraising is only a small part of our efforts. A significant element is genuinely finding out how our alumni are doing, and what they've been [...]

Magdalene Telephone Campaign 2017

The 2017 Magdalene Telephone Campaign begins... Yesterday marked the first evening of calling for Magdalene’s Telephone Campaign. We have been particularly lucky to secure the assistance of 15 fantastic students this year (a few of their smiley faces can be seen above), who are excellent ambassadors for the College, and they have been working hard [...]

Susannah Williams

I made the decision to apply for the Telephone Campaign back in Michaelmas because I thought it would be a good way to do some fundraising of my own. This summer I’m going to be one of a group of students on an annually-held trip that supports a community centre in Ndola, Zambia, and so [...]