Colm Murphy

Colm Murphy.jpgHello, I’m Colm, one of the callers for this year’s Telephone Campaign which will be taking place over the next couple of weeks. This is my first Campaign, and I have to say I’ve been pleasantly surprised. At College, we all know vaguely what these Campaigns involve, but having hung up on countless cold-callers back home, I was initially hesitant about calling people I had never met in person.

However, a recommendation from my friend Harry Gower, who helped with the Campaign last year, soon set me straight. I’ve quickly realised that this Campaign is a great way to keep Members in contact with their old College and to update them on what’s going on. It also puts us current students in touch with people who have gone through the same process we have, meaning they can even give us valuable advice!


Since Tuesday, the group of us have participated in two training sessions. For example, we learned how to use the software for calling phones from a laptop. We also all came up with as much information as we could think of on what has been going on in College the past year. This was great fun: you rarely realise just how much is always occurring until you start collectively counting all of the diverse societies, sports and activities that the student body are engaged with.DSCF5979

Since I’ve started calling, I’ve been speaking to lots of friendly and welcoming members of our alumni community. I had a great chat with one in particular, who was very interested in getting involved in what we call ‘Access’. This is a catch-all term for our projects that aim to improve the diversity of the College and ensure ‘needs-blind admission’, and is something I myself have regularly volunteered for. We also told stories about former supervisors which we had shared. I found it bizarre that somebody, who is now is in the midst of their career, was having only a short time ago exactly the same experiences I am now going through.

Overall, those I have spoken to seem genuinely interested in what is going on in College, and keen to come back and visit, or to participate in other ways such as supporting the Annual Fund. I look forward to having many more fantastic chats with our alumni community over the next couple of weeks.



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