Harry Gower

12249989_10205908602769393_4431208862921944002_nNot everyone would choose to be a return caller on a telephone campaign. It’s not the most glamorous job in the world, I won’t lie. Nor is it easy. However, after just four days of my second campaign, I’m already being reminded of the reasons I chose to do it again. The community atmosphere of the student callers is always great, but, simultaneously, the sense of a community connection that I get whilst speaking to alumni who may have attended the college over 50 years ago is incredible. It is amazing to speak to so many alumni who still hold Magdalene in such high esteem and hearing stories of how the college has evolved over its history is fantastic.

Amidst the conversations there are of course times where a string of voicemailsIMG_3975 (3).jpg lower the spirits. We’ve taken to naming the messaging service voices; I have a particular dislike for Cassandra. However, an interesting conversation with a fellow English alumnus, or a self-confessed thespian, or even just someone happy to talk about Magdalene proves to not only be uplifting, but often genuinely helpful. I can’t even begin to list the number of times an alumnus has given me useful career advice. In the meantime between calls though, I’ve developed an affinity for taking “surprise selfies” of other callers. Whilst hilarious for me, I’m growing less and less popular by the day.


As I approach the end of my university career, I’m genuinely not quite sure I’m going to be able to fully leave Magdalene behind. The College has given me an outstanding education, friends that I hope to stay in touch with for many years to come and, most importantly, a home away from home. I have been able to meet new people, consider new ideas and grasp new opportunities. For these reasons, I am incredibly grateful to Magdalene and want to help ensure that future students can experience the same.

I look forward to speaking to more of our wonderful alumni across the coming two weeks; if anything, it is proving a worthwhile distraction from those impending finals.


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