Tess Hegarty

Tess Hegarty.jpgHello! My name is Tess Hegarty and I’m one of the student callers for this year’s Telephone Campaign at Magdalene.  Though I’m a third year student, this is my first (and sadly only) year at Magdalene and thus my only chance to participate in the Telephone Campaign.  I’m an exchange student from MIT, and although I had never heard of Magdalene when I was randomly allocated here last August, soon after arriving at Cambridge I realized just how much I had lucked out!  Magdalene has quickly become a second home, thanks to the warm welcome I’ve received from students of all ages, the college staff, the Porters, and the Master among others.


My involvement in the Telephone Campaign began when my friend Polly invited me to join her in attending an information session in Michaelmas Term.  Initially, I laughed off the idea of actually participating, because talking on the phone wasn’t exactly my cup of tea.  But lured by the promise of free pizza, I spoke to some past callers and found out more about the campaign and started to realize it actually might be a great fit for me.  As an exchange s12962566_1058459930878567_1126288180_otudent, I have a limited amount of time to learn about Magdalene and the campaign provides a unique opportunity to connect with alumni.  In addition, I would be able to use the money I earned to better enjoy my time, such as by going on Varsity Trip and attending May Balls in June.

So in the end Polly and I both decided to participate in the Telephone Campaign.  At the start of the campaign, I was actually pretty terrified of calling people, but it has become way easier and I feel proud of myself for working to overcome this fear.  And the chance to speak to Magdalene alumni and find out interesting facts about College history has been great.  For example, I’ve learned that George Mallory (of Mallory Court fame) died while climbing Mount Everest and that Magdalene has a tradition of mountaineers in its history.

Though I will be returning to America at the end of this term, I will always have great memories of Magdalene and will hopefully have the chance to return to visit soon!



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