Will Bosworth

IMG_0089Tonight was a bit of a dry night for me; Magdalene seems to have equipped its alumni well to have better things to do on a Tuesday night than wait for their phones to ring.

Nevertheless, a few good conversations makes it worth the excellent rapport one builds up with Answerphone Anne. It’s fascinating how far-flung and diverse Magdalene’s alumni are: I’ve now spoken to Members on three continents (and a few answerphones on a fourth), with people who’ve found their way into walks of life from filmmaking to genetics to being the Director of a toy company.


It’s constantly interesting to hear Members’ stories and how Magdalene played a part in their lives, and how warmly and prominently it still stands in their thoughts, even after decades away.

IMG_0062.JPGMy special fun for Tuesday was that my phone line consistently cut out just six minutes into any call. I’m very grateful to the people whose conversations made several sets of six minutes fly by, and to all those who were patient and gracious enough to pick up the phone and chat to us (repeatedly!), and of course to those who choose to give, and thus help us keep the College such a thriving hub of worldwide activity.


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