Ray Aun Fan

Ray Fan.jpgHello! I’m Ray Aun, a return caller for the 2016 telephone campaign!

Some of you may be wondering why somebody would be so keen to return as a caller? Well, the same question gnawed at me during the first few days of calling when all I received was a string of voicemails and “The person on the phone is unavailable…”.

Fortunately, the conversations started flowing in and I’m once again reassured that this is an activity to look forward to! It is always exciting to hear about the adventures of our alumni, some of whom have travelled to help refugees in the Middle East or researched the seemingly undecipherable world of stock exchanges. I can’t begin to imagine what stories are waiting to be uncovered during the next few days of calling!

IMG_0072.JPGFurthermore, the telephone campaign has been a great opportunity for me to reach out to alumni who are working in careers that I am interested in. As a 3rd year Chemical Engineering student, it helps when alumni can advise on how the real world actually functions and how the current economic environment affects a soon-to-be graduate looking for increasingly scarce job openings.

Aside from the really interesting and inspiring stories from our alumni, the atmosphere during each calling session is something worth highlighting. If you closed your eyes and walked blindly into Buckingham Room in the evenings, you may very well have mistaken it for a civilised night out with Hotline Bling playing in the background. But don’t worry, we won’t sing the lyrics during our conversations, unless you want a showcase of croaks and squeaks!


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