The 10 Stages of a Typical Calling Session (in Snapchat Filters) – Polly Thompson

For the uninitiated, Snapchat is an app that allows you to send pictures to your friends, often with captions attached or weird filters applied. The pictures are deleted by the app after 10 seconds, so you can be sure that whatever embarrassing photos you send to your friends will never be seen again…unless they manage to screenshot them. It’s a talent in which many of us have become quite proficient.

So here is an honest insight into the lives of the Telephone Campaign team through the medium of Snapchat screenshots.

  1. When the team assembles in Ramsey for pre-session brunch

    Snapchat 1

  2. When you can’t deal with how excited you are to start calling

    Snapchat 2

  3. When you’re talking to someone who did your subject and you can have a great nerdy chat about your dissertation

    Snapchat 3

  4. When the last 20 calls have gone to voicemail

    Snapchat 4

  5. When someone finally picks up and you’re so excited you can’t get your words out fast enough

    Snapchat 6

  6. When there’s not enough room in your head for everyone’s hot drink orders

    Snapchat 7

  7. When the caffeine buzz hits

    Snapchat 8

  8. When you’re reminiscing with an alumnus and it reminds you how great Magdalene is

    Snapchat 9

  9. When you’ve been staring at a screen too long

    Snapchat 10

  10. When you have to go back to the library after your shift

    Snapchat 11

Calling has had its ups and downs, but getting involved in the Telephone Campaign has been a lot of fun. It’s been great getting to know more members of the College community, past and present, and hearing about their time here. As a third year about to graduate, it’s also reassuring to hear how big a part College still plays in people’s lives years after they left. I’m looking forward to receiving a call in a few years’ time!


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