Susannah Williams

Susannah WilliamsI made the decision to apply for the Telephone Campaign back in Michaelmas because I thought it would be a good way to do some fundraising of my own. This summer I’m going to be one of a group of students on an annually-held trip that supports a community centre in Ndola, Zambia, and so I saw the Campaign as a way of earning money to go towards that. Despite this initial financially-focused reason for taking part, my experience over the past two weeks has been focused on more than just fundraising, both for myself and hopefully for the alumni we have had the opportunity to talk to.

Speaking to people on the phone has never been something I have particularly liked doing, but it was reassuring to find out when chatting with my fellow callers at the beginning of the Campaign that I wasn’t the only one who was a little nervous, and after two weeks of calling I would now definitely much rather talk to someone than listen to a voicemail message.

Although the strings of voicemails can be a little deflating at times, overhearing the thingsDSCF6025.JPG discussed by other callers when half of the conversation is missing often offers up an amusingly random and sometimes puzzling assortment of topics, from sherry with the Master to mishearing an email address as It has been great to get to know some more of the Magdalene community, both here in College, and by speaking to members on the phone. The advice that alumni have offered about careers as far ranging as psychology, stage management, and landscape architecture has also been extremely valuable and much appreciated, and it has been great to compare stories about Magdalene, as well as gaining support for the college.


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