The Telephone Campaign Awards – Elise Larkin

As our two weeks of calling draw to a close, it is time to reflect on the highs and lows of this year’s campaign. I want to take the opportunity in this final blog post to recognise the various members of our calling team, and the individual areas in which they have excelled. For this purpose, I present the “Magdalene Telephone Campaign Awards 2016”.

Giving Tree.jpg

For all of the extra daytime and late evening shifts, the “Veteran Award for Most Dedicated Service” goes to Natalya.


For remaining cheerful throughout her three-day long dry spell, the “Patience Award for the Longest Time Spent without Speaking to a Single Alumnus” goes to the ever-smiling Polly.

Callers with pizza 2.jpg

For keeping us all going with chocolate, fruit, wine, pizza, and the occasional pick-me-up chat, the “Award for Boundless Optimism” goes to Kevin from the Alumni and Development Office.


His colleague Emma receives the “Refresher Award for Realism”, for her pessimistic approach to life in general and calling sessions more specifically.


She was no match for the recipient of our next award, however – the award for “In-house Cynic” goes to Will, a non-believer from day one.


At the other end of the spectrum, Tess receives the “Sincerity Award” for her consistent enthusiasm and bubbly conversation.


The “Polyglot Award for Multilingual Calling” goes to Ray who switched between languages without breaking a sweat.


The “Throwing Yourself in at the Deep End Award” goes to Susannah who, as a fresher, has only been at Magdalene for two terms so far.


For the Eurotrash marathons and mistaking of various genres for reggae, the “Award for the Worst Music Taste” goes to John, our campaign supervisor.


The unexpected recipient of the “Lonely Planet Award for Travel Advice” goes to Colin, who surprised many of our alumni with his intimate knowledge of the best hikes in the United Kingdom.


Ever ready with a questionable anecdote, the “Award for the Most Creative Conversationalist” goes to Harry (or Harrison depending on who he is talking to).


In a similar vein, “LinkedIn Award for Professional Networking” is awarded to Elise.


In honour of one of Magdalene’s most eminent fellows, the “Eamon Duffy Award for Fascinating History” goes to Colm.


And for their willingness to share their experiences with us, offer their advice, and for their generosity with both time and money, the “Participation Award” goes to the two-thirds of our alumni called who have chosen to give during this campaign, with a special mention for all of those spouses and long-suffering parents that we have disturbed in our search for ex-Magdalenites.




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