Thank you! – Kevin Bentley

The Magdalene Telephone Campaign has now come to a close, and I want to thank everyone who participated in making it a success.  I think our excellent team of student callers have put it far better than I ever could, and have been tremendous ambassadors for the College.  It isn’t always the easiest thing to do, especially when they are IMG_0682juggling calling with exam revision and dissertation preparation, but they have been a real pleasure to work with and brought a sense of humour and professionalism to each and every shift.  All the students had personal stories about how the Annual Fund has helped them or their friends, and their passion for the projects was evident from day one.


At the end of two weeks of calling we raised a fantastic £188,000 for the Magdalene Annual Fund, in the IMG_0679form of cash and pledged donations.  Thank you to everyone who made a gift to support this (almost two-thirds of Members we spoke with decided to do so), and indeed to all who took the time to speak with a student.  If you were considering making a gift but haven’t yet done so, you may wish to give online here:

Thank you!




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