Happy Friday!

Happy Friday from all our fantastic Telephone Campaign Student Callers!

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A few hours each day calling up alumni

I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I first signed up to the Telephone Campaign. I knew that I wanted to stay in Cambridge for most of the Easter holidays (mainly because my dissertation is still very far from complete!) and the prospect of spending a few hours each day calling up alumni seemed [...]

A Sunday on the Telephone Campaign, in Facebook stickers…

Student Caller Annie runs us through a day in the Telephone Campaign call room in Facebook Stickers. 1. When you sit down at your desk with a cup of tea, various snacks, and a positive attitude. It’s Sunday, it’s sunny, people surely want to chat?!   2. After half an hour of voicemails, you realise [...]

A walk down memory lane…Natalya is back for a 2nd year working on the Telephone Campaign

Taking part in the telephone campaign for the second year has its advantages: I know roughly what to expect (getting through mainly to voicemail or, if I’m very lucky, to people whose meals I’m interrupting); I’ve practised talking over the phone to people I’ve never met, so this year the nerves have gone! Magdalene alumni, [...]

Martial Arts, Paragliding and Colonial Architecture

I was somewhat apprehensive in the week prior to the launch of the Telephone Campaign. Lured by the prospect of good pay, free accommodation and the chance to crack on with some work, I decided to sign up earlier on in the term. Yet despite the clusters of voicemail messages from time to time, my [...]