Magdalene Telephone Campaign 2017

The 2017 Magdalene Telephone Campaign begins…

Yesterday marked the first evening of calling for Magdalene’s Telephone Campaign. We have been particularly lucky to secure the assistance of 15 fantastic students this year (a few of their smiley faces can be seen above), who are excellent ambassadors for the College, and they have been working hard over the weekend to ensure that they are prepared to speak with many of our Members.

Beyond a few technical glitches (we apologise if anyone sounded rather ghostly at the beginning of the evening!) everything has gotten off to a smooth start. The students will be taking over the blog and writing regular posts to keep everyone updated on our progress and give an insight into student life outside of term.

This year we are focusing our attention to the College’s new capital campaign, ‘Future Foundations – The Campaign for Magdalene’, which aims to raise £25 million over 5 years to secure undergraduate bursaries, support graduate students and early career Fellows, build a new College library and restore the iconic Pepys Building. For some more information on this, please do visit the Future Foundations web pages.

The cumulative value of donations received during the Telephone Campaign will make a huge difference, not only towards helping us reach our goal, but also to the lives of those within College.

I hope you all enjoy reading these posts, and thank you in advance for your support!


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