An evening in the Magdalene Telephone Campaign call room….if life gives you lemons!

Louisa….open your eyes or you won’t be able to dial the numbers!

Ever wondered what an evening in the Magdalene Telephone Campaign call room is like?

Louisa, a 2nd year English student runs us through a blow by blow account of her second evening in the campaign call room…

6:15 – Enter the Telephone Campaign room. Swipe a handful of grapes from the fruit bowl and get cracking. A grape for every successful call I intend to make (a lot of grapes).

6:30 – After a series of technical catastrophes that lead to me somehow uninstalling Windows on my laptop the day before, I am given a spare laptop to work from. Consider telling my supervisor about the curse which causes all technology I touch to break. Decide against it. Encounter several more technical issues, which will be discussed in the next time slot entry.

6:45 – Good few calls in and I realise the reason why all these international numbers are engaged might be because I haven’t put the right dialling code before the number. I sheepishly add ‘00’ before calling a nice man living in Germany.  He stayed on the phone and even donated despite the bad connection that forced me to hang up and redial three times. This took about 30 minutes in total. Maybe he just wanted to hear another person’s voice. I know I do.

7:15 – Since I got a donation, I got to take the first guess at Telephone Campaign Hangman. Following my vowels-first hangman strategy, I guessed ‘a’ and ‘e’. ‘A’ was right, but ‘e’ was not, which is unusual.

7:30 – Hello, voicemail, my old friend.

7:45 – I make my fourth coffee of the day.

8:00 – Hello, voicemail, my old foe.

8:15 – Danny spoke to a person whose car was stolen that morning but they still gave a gift. When life gives you lemons, donate to Magdalene Telephone Campaign! Might get that tattooed somewhere.

8:30 – A woman couldn’t speak because she was putting her young daughter to bed. Arranged to call her back at an earlier time tomorrow night. Is this a date? Am nervous.

8:45 – I make my fifth coffee of the day.

9:00 – Ring a home number with an interesting dial code. After letting it dial for a minute it dawns on me that a) this dial code is for India and b) in India, it is currently 2:30 AM. ‘Dentist time,’ I chuckle to myself, tactfully hanging up and rescheduling for Saturday morning. Two thirty … tooth hurty. Dentist time. I am hilarious, and it’s a shame that this isn’t coming across in my conversations so far.

9:20 – I run out of people to call with ten minutes to spare. Caffeinated to the nines, I leave the Telephone Campaign room. All in a day’s work.


Louisa Keight


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