A Sunday on the Telephone Campaign, in Facebook stickers…

Student Caller Annie runs us through a day in the Telephone Campaign call room in Facebook Stickers.

When you sit down at your desk with a cup of tea, various snacks, and a positive attitude. It’s Sunday, it’s sunny, people surely want to chat?!



After half an hour of voicemails, you realise it’s not only a sunny Sunday (cue family BBQs), but also Mother’s Day. Positive attitude quickly turns cynical.



Someone picks up!




But they’re on the way out the house. You briefly think about how you wish you were also outside.



Rumour spreads around the room that a dominoes order has been placed. We have also defeated Clare College at Battleships. Can feel enthusiasm picking up.



Kevin arrives with Dominoes. We all take a break and enjoy some slices of pizza by the river. General consensus that it’s been a slow day, but feeling positive for the evening.



When you have a couple of great conversations in a row and are able to reminisce about how much Magdalene has changed. Alumni are very happy to hear Magdalene are no longer bottom of the Tompkins table, and I’m very happy to hear people talk enthusiastically about their time here.


When said great conversation turns into a donation! All voicemails seem a distant memory.



When you realise that, only 1 week in, we have crossed the £100,000 threshold all thanks to the generosity of our alumni.



To round of a surprising productive day, despite the slow start, we head to the Master’s for a drink.


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