A Telephone Campaign Poem

The lowdown on Thursday

My night has come to write a post,
Yet due to my bad luck,
Of successful chat I cannot boast,
In fact, I’m rather stuck!

We could blame the Thursday night, you see,
Or the twelfth of the campaign,
But no one answered the phone for me,
To break the voicemail chain.

So please excuse my tale of woe,
That up to now at least,
Has told you of my calling low,
That leaves no room to decrease.

To optimism shall I turn,
In remembrance of the calls,
When I’ve had the chance to chat, and learn,
Of Alumni’s formal halls.

Or else their time in Mallory B,
Or the picnic on the Beach,
Or the rule of their Society,
Or their winning Union speech.

I’ve learned what students have achieved,
After leaving the Magdalene nest,
And I’m proud of the college that’s perceived,
As welcoming, homely: the best.

Therefore, I’ll blame the Thursday night,
And find comfort in the knowledge,
That although this session has been slight,
Everyone loves the college!

– Millie, 1st Year English


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