The telephone campaign is nearly over!

Hi! My name is Flavia and this is my first telephone campaign. I thought of signing up earlier this term, and apart from talking briefly to students who had done it the previous year, I had no idea what to expect. I was anxious about speaking on the phone before starting as I realised I rarely call anyone these days! My primary way of contacting people is via WhatsApp, Facebook or Snapchat!

But after the two days of training we had our first calling session.

Once calling a few numbers you start to realise that a large part of calling alumni is voicemails. Although the string of voicemails can be disheartening, overhearing the conversations held by other callers can be quite amusing – especially Eimear who can be heard from across the room! However when you do get through to someone you really do just want to have a chat with them, we are not only “just calling for money!”

It was really lovely speaking to alumni of all ages who have studied a range of different subjects. Hearing about their time at Magdalene and their fond memories of their time in College was really interesting. Some even wondering whether the quality of ‘Bop Juice’ had changed over the years!

After a couple days we got into our routines; each call session started with a massive queue to the kettle to make a coffee to get us through the evening. After a quick brief from Marlies, headphones were on and ready to start calling. Motivation was kept up with the large selection of biscuits, chocolate and crisps from the Alumni & Development Office.

The past two weeks I’ve got to know a lot of students in Magdalene in the calling team who I otherwise may never have met. The telephone campaign is nearly over and as a team we have managed to raise an incredible amount for the College. It is only due to the very generous donations from our alumni that we can continue to improve college – so thank you!

The more I hear about the wonderful stories about Magdalene, it really does make me realise just how lucky I am to be here. Definitely the best college in Cambridge!


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